All types of written translations

Due to the continuous trend of growth of business with foreign countries and actual need for all the levels of communication to be carried out on professional level, and being aware that this segment leaves a very important impression about the image and level of your company’s business, we offer services of translation from/to more than 25 world languages, with or without certification of court-certified translator.


We believe that our satisfied clients are our best recommendation. We offer the services in technical, skilled way in line with conditions and terms of professional association and standardized translation practice.


Our approach to the translation process is based on team and project organization. Each translation is a project for itself and the goal is to make mutually beneficial partnership relation with every client.

What are we recognized for:

  • Integrity and quality of translation along with usage of vocationally adapted terminology;
  • Completing and delivery of translations within the specified time;
  • Procedure of quality control;
  • Delivering translation in desired format;
  • Strict confidentiality.


Our translators are specialized for all kinds of translation.


Translation of legal and court documents


Contracts; Tender documentation; Minutes; Claims; Decisions; Resolutions; Rulebooks; Excerpts from court registry of companies; Financial statements; Audit reports; Invoices; Certificates; International licenses; Powers of attorney; Translation of EU legislation etc.

Translation of general and professional texts


Manuals/Handbooks; Catalogues; Presentations; Advertising materials; Business correspondence; Audio and video records etc.


Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting


There are two types of interpreting – consecutive and simultaneous – where choosing the right type of interpreting depends on the type of the event, number of speakers and international participants, as well as the variety of other factors. Our interpreters, due to years-long experience are adaptable, flexible and fast.


Depending on your needs, consecutive interpreting assures very precise and complete translation, but it takes twice as much time to the speaker to deliver a presentation. On the other hand, simultaneous translation is done without interrupting the speaker, which saves time and enhances audience’s perception. The service is provided by a tandem of interpreters being rotated every 15-30 minutes.