Studying abroad

Knowledge of a foreign language offers every individual numerous opportunities, in both - business world and every-day life. Having recognized it as a need Double L, in cooperation with renowned agencies enables its attendants mastering a foreign language, neither more nor less but in environment of native speakers.

This type of courses is carried out by experienced and licensed teachers, who guarantee the attendants efficiency in studying and advancement of communication skills. The lessons are held in small groups where attendants are gathered depending on levels of the foreign language knowledge.

Within these courses preparation for internationally recognized TOEFL and IELTS tests can be done; they are valid two years after the examination. Those are proof of English language knowledge necessary for international scholarships application, numerous studying programmes, seminars or conferences, and when applying for immigrant visas.

At the end of the programme, the attendants receive a certificate and report of the advancement.

Apart from advancing your language knowledge significantly, you will be able to visit historic and cultural sights and the rest of attractive tourist destinations, you were able only to read and study about in school, along with unique opportunity to practice your communication with citizens of the country and to encounter culture of other nations.

That will definitely be unique and unrepeatable experience.