Elementary school

Primary mission of Centre for foreign languages and translation Double L is to awaken and stimulate will for studying foreign languages. One of our goals is to be the first pupils’ touch with broad education.

After a day full of duties in school, we want the children to feel relieved and relaxed in school for foreign languages, but also their studying to be efficient.

Lessons with younger elementary school students are conceived so that a book is not the only tool in acquiring knowledge. Apart from the course books, skilled teaching staff conceives variety of activities which will give the class interesting character, and almost fully interactive programme, innovated methodology of lessons contribute to the rate of language acquiring.

The students from fifth to ninth grade, or older elementary school students already know what it means to study not only a foreign language but to study all the other areas as well. Because of that, DOUBLE L takes care that in cooperation with teaching staff conceives lessons which will be focused on variety of areas of interests, always being in line with curriculum and programme in schools, skilfully going beyond it in quality and advanced methods of teaching and class organization.

Notice that children are divided in groups according to the school grade, which enables us to follow their curriculum in school, prepare them for written and oral tests, take care of their results, and on the other side to enable them to acquire new knowledge, due to the programme which is a few steps in advance in comparison to the school programme.

Children will find our teachers to be friends with whom they share the same interests resulting with the fact that attendants in Double L are recognized for their broad smiles on faces after lessons, optimism and enthusiasm characteristic for young people ready for new beginnings.

An issue not to be missed out is aspiration to convey the love for studying foreign languages. We have been accomplishing this aim for a decade and a half, so that the generations of content attendants are our best recommendation.