To speak a foreign language, to listen to it, understand your collocutor is an intellectual benefit and professional advantage. Studying a language is a primary choice in education, while using it is a skill making us unrestrained in communication.

Are you ready to invest in your knowledge? It is never too late for mastering or learning a new language, and we, in line with that, can offer a large number of courses intended for adult attendants. Within the course, advancement of each attendant is monitored and the lectures are continuously adapted to the needs and interests of the group.

We organize foreign language courses for adults from the elementary (A1 level) to the advanced level (C2 level). Due to the large number of groups per level, we are able to adapt to the needs and requirements of attendants in line with their daily and business tasks. Everyone interested can check their English language knowledge through filling in diagnostic tests. After having completed the test you will receive result on level of your knowledge, and based on that, we will determine a group for you. Testing is free of charge. Lessons are held in small groups, and teachers are experienced and licensed lecturers.

At the end of a programme, after having passed the exam, all the attendants receive internationally recognized certificate on level of foreign language knowledge.