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Uvjerite se zašto smo najbolji!Centre for foreign languages and translation Double L was founded in 2002. Due to years-long experience and high level of professional work, it was licensed by Ministry of Education, License No. 624-4/2015, for education of pupils of all ages in area of foreign languages, and all the certificated language knowledge are internationally recognized.

We are in dispose of three business spaces at attractive locations in Podgorica, whose teaching premises are equipped in line with the most contemporary standards and in each of them there are: audio-video equipment, PCs as well as professional tools intended for easier, faster and comprehensive learning a language.


The centre is in dispose of library with more of 3.000 titles, available to the attendants free of charge, as well as of all the literature necessary for attending the lectures successfully.


Along with skilled and professional teaching staff, Centre offers services of mastering eleven foreign languages to all generations, as well as to attendants of different educational and social profiles, from standard levels of language to specialized and business trainings. Thereafter, different innovative, creative or standard methods are used.


Translation services including translation from/to over 26 world languages, with or without certification of court-certified translators, as well as simultaneous and consecutive interpretation are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Coordinators’ team in our offices take care about necessary translation work to be done within expected deadline and with the highest level of quality.
On our abundant list of clients there are titles of international organizations, state institutions, oil companies, banks, pharmaceutical companies, eminent companies as well as international lawyer offices, which is one of the proofs for trust given to us through using our translation/interpretation services for years. 


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